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TCS has supported the development of the Learning Blade® platform, enabling the curriculum to be delivered to thousands of schools nationwide. Learning Blade, is an interactive, web-based supplemental system for increasing student interest in and attitudes towards STEM careers. Learning Blade introduces students to these and other skills in middle school and early high school, critical ages for beginning career path decisions.

Students engage in online missions about real-world STEM problems, including multiple short lessons that explore the STEM careers and technologies that would solve such problems in real life. These lessons are presented in the contexts of science, math, English and social studies, and contain problems that individually linked to specific academic skills and are aligned to the academic standards of all 50 states. The system contains over 100 hours of interactive content, downloadable lesson plans for team exercises, simple hands-on projects, and writing and presentations and also produces detailed reports on classes or individual students. Additionally 3D printing, calculator and parent exercises are provided.

Research has shown that Learning Blade users are 59% more likely to be interested in a STEM career, 55% more likely to be interested in computer science careers, 84% more likely to want jobs that designs things, 140% more likely to know what STEM workers do, and 79% more likely to recognize the value of math in problem solving.


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